The revamped Xbox One console will be launched come November 2013 in the US, UK and 19 other countries that have not yet been specified; after some of its unpopular features landed it in trouble. The new Xbox One will not be cheap either and will retail at a price of USD499/ £429/ AUD599.

The Xbox has a newer version of Kinect installed in it and has even more powerful specs. The Xbox One comes with more features integrated in it such as Skype, music, live TV and of course the games. Al these are operated by the voice recognition of Kinect.

The Xbox One specs include;

  • x64 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU,
  • USB 3.0 ports,
  • 500GB hard drive and 8GB DDR3 RAM.
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi

The Blu Ray drive included in the Xbox is Microsoft’s first and shows that they are embracing Sony’s disc format after the HD/DVD format. The Xbox console comes with both the HDMI-in and out-ports that will incorporate your set-top boxes for a better TV-watching experience.

With the SmartGlass feature gamers can now start one-player games from a tablet or view the scores/achievements. The Smart Match feature will be able to make multi-player games in the background while you play the one-player games. The friends list limits has been changed from having only a hundred friends and the Xbox points will now be money, real money.


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