Windows 8.1 Review

Recently, Microsoft released its windows 8.1 enterprise which has additional features including VDI support and a customizable start screen. We also have other features like Windows To Go Creator and this allows IT specialists create a more corporate windows 8.1 desktop on a bootable external USB drive.

You can also alter the layout of the apps arranged on your Start screen. Administrators can also control the level of customization depending on an individual basis. You can also get resources inside a corporate network via another new feature, DirectAccess. This is simple in that you do not have to launch a separate VPN to get the information you need. Remote pc users can keep their computers up to date by applying software updates and policies. Additionally there is a new Applocker which restricts the number of files to be accessed and run on a PC.

Similarly the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) support allow you to play 3D graphics, use touch enabled devices across a WAN or even a LAN and also use USB peripherals.

There will be also additional features to be developed in windows 8.1 and they include Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA-DM) which allows management of mobile devices by help of third party solutions where no agents are involved. The assigned Access app helps organizations create a single Windows Store application on a device and still restricts access to other files and applications.