Hotmail upgraded to Outlook

Microsoft corp. has seen yet another transition in the recent upgrade of all Hotmail accounts to Outlook accounts. This now sees automatically redirecting you to; which means there is no more Hotmail! This transition is said to have taken at least six weeks to complete with over 400 million active accounts transferred from the once free email service.

However, this did not affect any single account in terms of calendars, inbox, sent items and so forth. Each and every single detail was carefully preserved in the transition of over 150 million gigabytes worth of data.  Similarly, users of were asked to keep their “” addresses as well.

However, the change to Outlook saw new features being added to the email service. One, the SMTP send is designed to make it easier to send emails from other addresses. Secondly, Microsoft saw an integration of Skype and Outlook which makes it possible for one to conduct a call straight from your outlook inbox.

Hotmail was introduced in 1996 and had lots of fans but the administration hopes that people will even come to like the Outlook services even more. The Outlook services are one of a kind and cannot be compared to most emailing services with Google’s Gmail being the only close competitor.