Windows Azure cloud to get open source Java

An open source version of Java is expected to be introduced by the Microsoft Corp. in partnership with Java virtual machine technology vendor, Azul Systems. This build of OpenJDK is expected to run on windows Azure cloud platform. This project is expected to be complete before the end of the year but a preview however will be released before the final version is released.

This project is aimed in ensuring that the Windows Azure users can use OpenJDK freely in a manner that Microsoft fully supports and backs it up. The actual development will be spearheaded by Azul while Microsoft will provide the required engineering support. In return Microsoft will also update its Eclipse IDE plug-in so that Azure can support the OpenJDK iteration from Azul.

Similarly, it is Azul that will be the commercial entity and will be responsible for building, certifying and delivering the program to Microsoft Windows Azure. The Azul administrators were quoted as saying that they have 11 years of experience and domain expertise that is uniquely focused on delivering JVMs.

The Azul company is viewed as a small player who has deep expertise in Java while Microsoft as a big player hungry for workloads and would go to any extent to run any workload, thus it is striking deals left and right just to ensure that its vast cloud infrastructure is put to use.


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