New Skype for Outlook

After Microsoft corp. introduced the new Skype for, users of Skype are now in a position to make video and audio calls straight from their inbox. All you have to do is download a browser plug in which is compatible and easily accessible by the new versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Then you can use a Microsoft account to connect and your Skype. After completely integrating the two, users can easily make calls from an email message. Similarly, calling a contact is very easy since you just need to place the cursor of your mouse over the contacts picture and the call option appears.

This comes with Microsoft’s transition of hotmail to outlook. The integration will first of all be based only for the UK users but with time other outlook users around the world will be using the combined applications.

Microsoft has undeniably put maximum effort in developing Skype and this can be seen in the aforementioned Lync integration and the Windows phone Skype application as well. This outlook integration is quite a huge step since no one could have imagined using Skype on an email portal. It is quite relevant since most people are using both Skype and outlook in their day to day operations be it for business uses or even for personal use.


New Bing Apps

With the new release of windows 8.1 review, Bing is introducing two new apps for windows. They are Food & Drink app and Health & Fitness app. Along with these apps; they shall see updates of the Bing Maps app. These new apps are aimed at first time users of their respective fields.

The Food & Drink app is aimed at teaching everyone on how to prepare simple foods and drinks. It provides instant access to various recipes designed by top culinary publishers like AllRecipes as well as top food bloggers. The app is in a hands-free mode since operating a touch screen while cooking and your fingers are dirty and sticky is a hassle. Thus you can follow the step by step recipes without touching your computer. Similarly this Bing app also allow you to add your own recipe to the app and also add list of items you need to purchase once you have found the best recipe.

Similarly, the Bing Health & Fitness app is perfectly designed to bring together nutrition, fitness and medical info to assist you in maintaining a healthy body. Combining these three things enables you to quickly learn any changes and their causes thus keeping yourself healthy. Similarly it has 3 trackers; Diet, Health and Exercise trackers that gather information on your day to day health behaviors so that the app can easily make decisions for you regarding best health approach in case of a problem.

Microsoft Office for Android

For a long time android users have been missing the services of Microsoft Office in their gadgets! However Microsoft is now providing a pared-down version of its Office software to the android platform. However, just as the iPad users missed out when the software was introduced to the iPhone, so shall the Android tablet users miss this great experience.

The android users will have to purchase the complete office software at a cost of $100, which will see them subscribed to Office for a year. The release follows a previous introduction of the Microsoft office to iPhone users.

The Microsoft corp. was quoted saying that, “The release of this app shows that we are committed to keep providing additional value for office 365 subscribers”. This means that the office 365 subscribers are now in a position to view, edit and access word, excel and PowerPoint documents more easily from their android, iPhone and Windows phones.

This new software is an app that can easily be installed on the android phone unlike the version for iPads and tablets, Office web apps, which runs on a web browser thus requiring constant internet connection. Similarly, it is specifically designed for rather smaller screens, a best fit for android phones and not the larger tablets.