The Privacy of Microsoft information for the Government

When the government searches for information from Microsoft which relates to customers, Microsoft does not just voluntarily provide them with the information. They are principled and very limited to their disclosures since they commit to transparency. Summarized together across the various software and services,

In short, when governments seek information from Microsoft relating to customers, we strive to be principled, limited in what we disclose, and committed to transparency. Put together, all of this adds up to the following across all of our software and services:

Microsoft may not offer any government with direct access to their customer’s data. It only pulls and offers the particular information that is mandated by the concerned legal demand.

Supposing a government is need of a particular customer’s data including one that has the national security information, a legal process is followed suggesting that it has to serve Microsoft with an order from the court for account information.

Microsoft responds to requests for particular identifiers and accounts. There is no blanket or discriminatory access to the customer’s data. The collective data that has been published is able to clearly show that it is only a small fraction of the customers have been subjected to a government demand related to the security of the nation.


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