The Best Practice Guidelines by Microsoft for Addressing Counterfeiting and Piracy

The best practices symbolize a crucial step in addressing the issue of advertisement display which is found on websites that are devoted to the piracy copyright and the sale of goods that are counterfeit in nature. Together with other foremost technology companies and Microsoft, they took part in the multi year effort along with the white house to have these best practices developed which are to be implemented in a couple of months.

As a provider of online services and copy right works with the advertising services, Microsoft is aware of the problems experienced by the copy right owners who are subject to enormous violation and the need to make certain that originality can thrive online. A take down mechanism and notice such as that foreseen by such best practices can be a very effective means used for addressing the online violation. A suitable notice and take down system needs the rights holders to identify particular examples of violations and the online services to quickly respond to such notices that tackles appropriately such issues while at the same time by respecting values such as privacy, fair uses and the freedom of innovation.

Microsoft is happy to be associated with this combined effort to get rid of piracy and to assist in ensuring a healthy advertising ecosystem


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