New Bing Apps

With the new release of windows 8.1 review, Bing is introducing two new apps for windows. They are Food & Drink app and Health & Fitness app. Along with these apps; they shall see updates of the Bing Maps app. These new apps are aimed at first time users of their respective fields.

The Food & Drink app is aimed at teaching everyone on how to prepare simple foods and drinks. It provides instant access to various recipes designed by top culinary publishers like AllRecipes as well as top food bloggers. The app is in a hands-free mode since operating a touch screen while cooking and your fingers are dirty and sticky is a hassle. Thus you can follow the step by step recipes without touching your computer. Similarly this Bing app also allow you to add your own recipe to the app and also add list of items you need to purchase once you have found the best recipe.

Similarly, the Bing Health & Fitness app is perfectly designed to bring together nutrition, fitness and medical info to assist you in maintaining a healthy body. Combining these three things enables you to quickly learn any changes and their causes thus keeping yourself healthy. Similarly it has 3 trackers; Diet, Health and Exercise trackers that gather information on your day to day health behaviors so that the app can easily make decisions for you regarding best health approach in case of a problem.


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