Microsoft’s Efforts in eliminating Online Bullying

Online bullying has been defined by Microsoft as the ‘the use of electronic technology to demonstrate behavior often repeated, that teases, demeans or harasses someone less powerful.’ In their interest to assess the global commonness, the results of an online survey behavior were released and shared in a workshop where 54 % got worried on being bullied online, while 37 % said they had an experience of what adults would deem as online bullying and the 24 % reported they had something done which would equate to online bulling.

For the last five years, Microsoft has been focusing on this issue. They are able to clearly see their role in online bullying particularly and in the safety of the internet as a creator of digital services and devices. They have also been able to advocate for ‘digital citizenship’, for a responsible, safer and more appropriate use of technology.

A crucial aspect of the Internet safety equation and one which Microsoft goes on to advocate for is the adult or parental involvement in the teens and youth’s online technology use. They call on everyone involved to assist in creating a online safety culture whereby safe habits are exercised. This can only be achieved if all the players understand their roles and are able to participate in that responsibility.

To help the adults in identifying and addressing that particular issue, Microsoft has enabled several resources which involve an online buying quiz that walks through the individuals in several scenarios that are designed to have them enabled to discuss, recognize and respond to the adverse online behaviors starting with being mean to bullying.


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