Microsoft to drop the Skydrive brand name

A High Court ruling in June ruled out that Microsoft Corp. should stop using the Skydrive brand name since it infringes the BskyB broadcaster’s trademark. The judge stated that enough evidence had been collected on the confusion brought about by the name among the public. This will see the tech company undergo a transition period in which finally they will assume another name for their cloud storage service.

However, the two companies came to terms and agreed to work together despite their differences so as to benefit their customers.

Bosky argued that Microsoft’s use of the word “sky” was inappropriate since the company ran some digital services under the “sky” name including Sky broadband and Sky Go for streaming videos.

The judge argued that some customers who had faced problems with the Skydrive service, mostly called the BskyB Company mistakenly in the belief that they were responsible for the Skydrive services. Microsoft Corp. thus agreed to the challenge and will soon be finding a more appropriate name for the cloud storage service.

It might be a tough decision but might work out to be the best since the confusion had to be cleared and the issue settled once and for all. However the cloud storage services are expected to remain unaffected by the change of the brands name.


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