Microsoft Themes for windows 8

Over the years, Microsoft has been producing awesome and lively themes for their users and they are not just about to stop. With summer almost around the corner, they have come up with the most appropriate themes depicting this awesome season. They are the most appealing themes to install in your PC and tablets as well.

For the travelers, the new Microsoft themes for windows 8 would seem appealing and sweet to reckon with. One from photographer Kyle Waters that features the vast Alaskan Landscapes has a number of attractive and beautiful images on the US largest state.

Similarly, Ian Rushton’s themes could never been better as the themes created from the New Zealand sites photos. Another theme which complements the spring season is the Swedish Spring. Karyn Servin, a renowned artist, has also created a theme, Delectable Designs, whose artwork is mainly on cartoon images of cupcakes, pastries and other pleasantries.

These Microsoft themes come in the wake of the summer season and most depict the nature and relaxed atmosphere brought by this season.

Other than the themes, Microsoft has also released a bunch of wallpapers for previous versions of windows as well as for windows 8. Amazingly, the windows 8 wallpapers are panoramic, in that they can stretch across two monitors in windows 8.


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