Microsoft SkyDrive for Photography

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is a tool that can be found in a number of flavors such as the mobile app, the Mac software, Windows software, and the local folder. There is a brand new feature that enables you to view high resolution quality photos. The dots per inch (DPI), of your device displays thumb nails and high resolution images. This is a positive aspect to the recent devices like the Nokia Lumia 1020 that is able to snap a photo at 41 megapixels. GIF files that are animated can now be fully viewed as opposed to statistical images.

Tweaking and sorting your Skydrive photos is now much easier. You are able to manually have your photos rotated to ensure that they display well. By the use of the All Photos view, you can be able to scale down to viewing only those photos in a particular folder as opposed to the whole batch.

There is much improvement for those who enjoy sharing photos on skydrive. Individual films can be shared selectively from anywhere on skydrive as opposed to sharing the whole set of folders, also is the possibility of sharing some specific files within a folder that is specified. Sharing different files with different people is also possible with SkyDrive. There is the latest shared view that allows you to see all the files that you have shared in a single shot so that you are able to disable the sharing on some selected files. Those files that others have shared with you can also be seen. Whenever you share a Skydrive file through the email, you can select on the option, ’Recipients can edit’ suggests that anybody can have that file revised without necessarily logging in to SkyDrive.


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