Microsoft Office for Android

For a long time android users have been missing the services of Microsoft Office in their gadgets! However Microsoft is now providing a pared-down version of its Office software to the android platform. However, just as the iPad users missed out when the software was introduced to the iPhone, so shall the Android tablet users miss this great experience.

The android users will have to purchase the complete office software at a cost of $100, which will see them subscribed to Office for a year. The release follows a previous introduction of the Microsoft office to iPhone users.

The Microsoft corp. was quoted saying that, “The release of this app shows that we are committed to keep providing additional value for office 365 subscribers”. This means that the office 365 subscribers are now in a position to view, edit and access word, excel and PowerPoint documents more easily from their android, iPhone and Windows phones.

This new software is an app that can easily be installed on the android phone unlike the version for iPads and tablets, Office web apps, which runs on a web browser thus requiring constant internet connection. Similarly, it is specifically designed for rather smaller screens, a best fit for android phones and not the larger tablets.


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