Microsoft gadgets should be disabled

In July Microsoft recommended that all users should disable windows sidebar and Windows Gadgets as fast as possible. This is for the users own good, in that by doing so, he or she will be protecting himself/ herself from vulnerabilities involving execution of arbitrary codes by the sidebar when it is running insecure gadgets.

A security advisor stated that gadgets installed from untrusted sources pose a high risk to your computer and can either damage it or illegally access files and private data. Similarly, they can show you objectionable content or at times change their behavior thus they can’t be trusted.

For those who might not be aware of what gadgets are, they are the small app like icons that hang around the desktop. They include clocks, what to do lists, weather apps, news gadgets and so forth. They were introduced in 2007 and were defaults setting in windows vista. Most of the users complained that they took too much of their computer resources including space and speed and most turned them off.

Microsoft has gone further and removed the download page where users used to obtain these gadgets. This is to show how serious they are on the issue. Similarly, gadgets have not been included in the preview versions of windows 8 and most likely, Microsoft gadgets have seen their end.


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