Microsoft Excel features 3D maps

Microsoft has seen the introduction of a new excel visualization feature, GeoFlow. It is a reliable 3D map, pretty and comes in handy anytime you try to track events in history or over a particular space and time. It enables anyone using a windows PC for data analysis visualize geospatial and temporal data. It will even be more effective when the internet and networks become more real and sensors make time and place as important as amounts.

Similarly, if you have like a million rows on your Microsoft excel sheet, GeoFlow can enable you plot the data over Bing maps. This really helps you save time and also makes your work look neat since the visualization is actually good looking and time lapse capabilities are always considered especially when you are running out of time.

This feature is part of a worldwide Telescope project aimed at helping users explore a high resolution map of the world. However it is increasingly being used to solve important problems including finding historic information and also archiving data which rather could have taken a longer period to find. The online users experience even a better performance of the feature since it is more attractive and interactive when connected to the internet.


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