How Microsoft and Partners are supporting the accessibility of affordable wireless network.

At Microsoft, there is a long term working partnership relationship with other people in government, academia, industry as well as the civil society for purposes of advancing technologies that are coming up for creating new chances in the ICT and innovations throughout the world. Microsoft has now become a participant in the newly formed Dynamic spectrum alliance which is a new global and a cross industry group that specializes in policy and advocacy of regulations with the objective of increasing opportunistic and dynamic accessibility to the radio spectrum that is not fully utilized, the relied upon frequencies for the wireless connectivity and also bandwidth.

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is consisted of 23 companies and organizations from all over the world each bringing diverse perceptions on the platform. A common ground and will has been found and they will make use of the shared purpose to have the momentum of this technology accelerated which is already gaining across the world.

In practice, it results to introducing new technologies that are wireless to unlock and together piece the unutilized radio frequencies to have the reach expanded; bandwidth increased and cost reduction of the wireless connectivity. The frequencies that were there before considered to be of no use will now be turned to a rare commodity


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