Vintage Mother Of The Bride’s Dress

If you would like to add a sense of sophistication to your wedding finding contrast between the brides gown and the mother would be a unique way of doing this. Thus choosing a fashionable gown for the bride and going for a vintage mother of the bride dress would truly make your wedding one of a kind. These vintage dresses are unique and have a sense of class which would add a classy touch to the mood of the wedding. However ensure you purchase a dress that is not only stylish but one that the bride’s mother will be comfortable in too.


UntitledVintage dresses for the mother of the bride

If you want to get that profound impression from your guests, go for the more popular vintage dresses. The Victorian era dresses are commonly known for their elegance and style. Choosing a gown form these cheap dresses would make you more comfortable in it since many people will realize what you are depicting.


UntitledA vintage mother of the bride’s dress

Similarly choose a dress that has appropriate colors and ones that are in accordance with the wedding theme. Go for a dress that will complement your features and at the same time hiding any flaws that you might have. Choose a dress which is appropriate for the wedding too. In most cases the wedding dressing code should guide you on how to dress. So consider the dress code as much as you will consider the other factors when purchasing a vintage mother of the bride’s dress.

Some of the vintage you might choose from include the Titanic dress in charcoal which is a perfect vintage for the bold ladies who are willing to get saturated and bright. You can also opt for the 70s boho-styled gown which is another perfect vintage dress.  Similarly the vintage inspired Empire dress which is a natural sage is an appropriate choice for a mother of the bride’s attire. For colors, peach and apricot are old time favorites and can give you an elegant look if blended with natural colors.


Untitled An elegant vintage mother of the bride’s dress


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