Expounding On Tea Length Formal Dresses

A long time back a tea length dress was one that was perfect for tea time. Not as long or as ornate as an evening dress but still brimming with class and sophistication it is best described as a hybrid between a wrapper and a ball dress. It has a train and usually long flowing sleeves; is made of rather gorgeous materials and goes on easily.

Tea length dresses with a fitted bodice on the upper half that balances the volume at the bottom to create the hourglass shape. Corset-like bodices nip the woman at the narrowest part of the waist and flare at the hips. And no matter the direction taken with tea length formal dresses, it is crucial that they be paired with heels. Say hello to the kitten heels and give your feet a break-from the sky-high heels. Towering platform pumps have also been a popular opyion to pair with the tea length dress as have been girly peep toes.


Tea length formal dresses


By definition a “tea length” dress is one that falls near the bottom of the calf, about two inches above the ankle. However, today, as dresses have become shorter and the definition of “tea length” has changed. In contemporary usage, any flowing dress of sheer or translucent fabric, in pastel colors, mid-calf to ankle-length, may be called a tea gown. Modern tea length dresses are still sophisticated, but show just the right amount of leg for the modern woman.


Tea Length bridesmaid dresses



Tea length gowns are perfect for a more casual wedding day, for bridesmaids or even for the bride. With a tea length wedding dress, you can have and elegant, voluminous skirt but still have the ankle room to move around—perfect for an event with lots of dancing.


UntitledTea length cocktail dresses


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