An Overview Of A Tea Length Dresses

In most instances a tea length formal dress is an all time dress which can be worn during various occasions from weddings, garden parties and also at work. It is more notable due to its unique length which falls just between the knee’s bottom and the calf’s bottom. It is a classic dress which was regarded as a hybrid of the wrapper and a ball gown. In modern days however we have seen developments in the tea length dress in that it is in its own unique class.



Wedding Tea length dress

These particular cheap dresses are more popular during summer events which are normally held outdoors. It is a perfect match with bold accessories and high heeled shoes due to its feminine and floaty nature. It is mostly made from light material and incorporated floral designs are also common sceneries in the dress. They usually have a zipper at the back which runs almost to the lower back. However there are tea dresses which are made from heavier fabric in case they are intended to be worn during winter.


 UntitledTea length dress

The main difference between tea dresses and other gowns is mainly their lengths. For example while a cocktail dress length may fall just above the knee in some cases, the tea dress strictly falls between the knee and the ankles. Any gown which might be longer than this is considered a ballerina dress or a maxi length dress. Thus it is very easy for one to spot a tea dress and distinguish it from other types of gowns.

Unless the tea gown is intended for winter, go for the bright colors as compared to dull colors. This is because summer is a lively season and this can only be depicted by wearing a brightly colored dress. Natural colors like black and white are also preferable since they are an all time favorite. Floral patterns and decorations are also a way to show distinction in seasons while wearing the ballerina dress.



A bright tea length dress


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