Matching Up Dresses With Jackets

A jacket dress says sophistication, worldly wisdom and poise. Its silhouette makes for beautiful beginnings in the morning and gentle endings as the day ends. Its added layer of clothing allows added warmth for those times the air is cold. The outfits come equally alluring.

Find a jacket with detailing and embellishments that will accent any look. Also pair a dress with jacket with contrasting fabrics and different hemlines to go from casual to elegant. Semi-sheer jackets with bell sleeves and beaded patterning create a feminine look. Some jackets put fine details along the hemlines, openings and necklines. Others chose to use vibrant prints on the jacket to jazz up the look to beguiling.

The return of the aviator jacket makes it easy for every fashion addict to stay warm and cozy the cold season. With a pair of boots and the right dress an aviator jackets is a guaranteed fashion win. For women who prefer more elegance, macs offer a traditional yet with a fresh twist to fashion. And throwing on jackets to keep warm doesn’t mean you lose your sex-appeal!



UntitledA dress matched up with black jacket

Layering jackets over cheap dresses come in handy ahead of a chilly-night event. There are many ways to stay warm and look great than one might think. For instance, an edgy leather jacket over a frothy party dress will sure look fabulous! A biker jacket adds instant edge to any look.



UntitledShort jacket worn elegantly


Wearing a really short jacket over a fitted, fit-and-flare, A-line or sack dress is virtually flop proof

A light denim jacket is one of the best ways to style summer ensembles. This simple addition can take just a basic dress from a bland look to a fabulously styled look in seconds. They’re no longer just an 80’s memory; the denim jacket trend is certainly more refined, as baggy, grunge-inspired jean jackets from the ’80s and ’90s have been upgraded to much more fitted, cropped, clean-cut versions of their former selves. Denim jackets can be paired with almost anything from colored denims to maxi dresses.


UntitledLong dress worn with a jeans jacket


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